CD-DA X-Tractor


Convert CD tracks to OGG audio files


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CD-DA X-Tractor is an audio utility that allows you to convert audio from a CD to whatever format you prefer.

The main advantage of using this application is that it includes the open-source format OGG on the list of available audio codecs.

But OGG is not the only format; it's also possible to use other, more popular options, for example MP3, RAW, and WAV.

Through the bitrate (bits per second) option you can indicate the quality of the resulting file. Bigger bitrate, better quality, but also a bigger file size.

To copy the CD, just introduce it into the reader, wait for the disc's information to load, and click the 'Rip Tracks' option.

The audio that is created will be in the 'Output' directory within the application's folder in 'Program Archives'.
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